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This project was based on a palpable reality among the youngest and with an inevitable presence in schools: bullying and cyberbullying. Through it, we have achieved our students to know and understand the problem and to be able to attack it from different perspectives, but especially from prevention as a priority, giving the students the necessary weapons to know the problem and thus be able to eradicate it with guarantees of success. As a matter of fact, at the end of the project all the participants have signed a commitment with the basic points that are assumed as obligations of future behaviour.

The activities produced have used art and ICT as the tools of creation and as a cultural resource for our youngsters to express and to communicate in a good manner. These activities have addressed the different artistic fields: musical, visual, audiovisual, literary and have allowed the students to be able to reflect about the issue and to imagine a world without that terrible habit of lacking of tolerance. As a result, all the participants have improved their communication, artistic, creative and ICT skills. The works elaborated by the students in the workshops (murals and photos) are on the walls of our schools remembering the theme of the project day by day. Others (video clips or literary stories) are used in tutoring, plastic or technology lessons. The main topic has been treated in the classrooms by the tutors. We acted by means of proactive  and  realistic actions. In fact, the data offered by the guidance departments show a slight improvement in the school climate and the evident success of the mediation procedures mainly among the students of the levels in which the project had influence. More exactly, we have been informed that the actions in the mediation program has been reduced dramatically from 66 to 12 just in one academic year, although in the last year, the interventions affected groups of students as a part of a classroom instead of specific individuals. So there were groups of students involved. The mediation program coordinator acknowledges that the work done by our project has served to the recognition by our students of what exactly is bullying and how to deal with it, so it has been a huge help for the success of the mediations development.

With the added value of work as a European strategic partnership, all the work done acquires a greater dimension. The dissemination of the project and artistic creations have ensured that the message reaches the entire educational community by raising awareness of the problem and thus achieving the proposed objective. The strategic association character has allowed us the exchange of good practices to benefit teachers in their daily educational task. By showing the characteristics of bullying and cyberbullying to all type of public and how to act against it we dealt with prevention from the bases of a culture of respect in our communities in which bullying is not allowed. Cultural resources provided during the project completed this aim. The pretension to achieve greater awareness and involvement on bullying and cyberbullying has been accomplished as a first step to performance a school life based on respect for others.

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